Toni en Colin, een Canadees stel zijn uit idealisme dit mooie product gaan maken.
Het ziet er super uit en is ook uiterst milieu vriendelijk en erg “Zero Waste”.
Je kunt de bijenwasdoek om je eten wikkelen en als je deze goed schoon houdt wel een jaar lang (her)gebruiken. Dus geen rollen zilverfolie en plastick om je groente of salade fris te houden.
Hier hun eigen verhaal:


We are driven by common sense and a persistent desire to help people change the way they think about their food. We are focused on providing a versatile material that can be used multiple times, in many ways, for varying degrees of food storage; that you can feel good about whole-heartedly. Besides, plastic film has only existed for 50-odd years. The human race has been storing food for ages.


She is the creator, the brains and the face. She wades through the business world with a background in holistic nutrition and years in the service industry. Oh yeah, she feels like her background has totally prepared her to grow a global empire, while simultaneously changing worldwide attitudes and decades of enslavement to plastic cling!
His fingerprints are all over the finished Abeego wraps. Well, figuratively anyway. He lugs the beeswax around, mans the production line, hand stamps the sheets with the Abeego logo and ensures everything meets Toni’s perfectionist nature. By his own reckoning, he has produced, branded and packaged roughly 83,417 Abeego sheets. The job is perfect for him as an aspiring writer. Turns out repetitive tasks give a man a ton of time to fabricate stories.


Making Abeego is no longer a one-married-couple job. We rely on the most talented folks to hand craft each and every Abeego. We keep them fueled on the sweet scent of beeswax and the sure knowledge that they are helping to create a world with less food waste and more cool gifts!


Toni’s Version:
Oh, you know, it was simple and easy, just like childbirth. I set a few rules and got right to work:

  • All ingredients used will be completely natural.
  • No chemical alteration will be needed for the material to be effective.
  • Each selected ingredient will have been used for preservation at some stage in human history.
  • All ingredients have natural characteristics suitable for keeping food fresh.
  • All ingredients are already approved by the FDA for food contact.

Colin’s Version:
I listened to idea after idea, thought after thought, in what was to become Abeego morning, noon and night, for almost 5 months. I took the long way home from work occasionally for the peace and quiet. Behind every good woman is a man.


Beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil are directly related to the effectiveness of Abeego. If we don’t share the ingredients, we can’t really tell you why Abeego works and that doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.


We realized early in our business that the excess material left over after creating Abeego is not waste at all – it is potential for a waste-generated resource. We create business cards from it and share it in the form of Abeego Twisties, our version of the handy twist tie. What ends up in the waste stream biodegrades so you won’t find a massive floating island of Abeego in the middle of the ocean in 50 years.
Bestel hier je eigen Abeego


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